About TYSSO Company

Fametech Inc. (TYSSO), is a leading AIDC (automatic identification and data collection) and POS System(Point-of-Sale) solution provider. It was founded in 1981 as an Auto-ID trading company and soon evolved and became a manufacturer in the AIDC market in 1990.
As an ISO-9001/9002 certified manufacturer, Fametech Inc is one of the first companies to start and develop in the field of Auto-ID and Point-of-Sale(POS System) products. The company grew with a strong R&D background, and the whole team is committed to staying at the leading edge of the Auto-ID and POS technology sphere.
(TYSSO products include POS System(POS Machine), Barcode Scanner, Receipt Printers(POS Receipt Printer), Magnetic Stripe Card Readers, Customer Displays(POS Customer Display), Touch Screen Monitors, Cash Drawers(POS Cash Drawer), Programmable Keyboards(POS Keyboards), and many other POS peripheral devices.