About Us

Tilda Kish Company was established aims to provide systems based on barcode and RFID in 2006. This company has begun its work utilizes highly qualified young specialists and managers in industry and barcode and RFID and communication with international companies in the field. It also are trying with using latest technology in the world, solve the needs of its customers, including factories, commercial and administrative institutions, banks, businesses and shops and efforts to promote and provide even better service in the Iranian society to assist in making best use of these systems.

Introduction Company Names:

Tilda word sense of complete in computer dictionary and consist of two words Til and Da, meant to be fundamental point in Dehkhoda dictionary . as the name suggests it is obvious that efforts to achieve the following goals as a complement to the country in various industries:

A. Expanding the use of barcode and RFID systems technology in a wide range of industries to:

  • The reduction of human errors
  • The efficient use of labor
  • save time and costs
  • Enhance security

B. Providing extensive service in connection with these systems as follows:

  1. advise and provide the best solutions in the field of barcode and RFID
  2. Design and implementation of all barcode-based systems in warehouses, factories, shops and ….
  3. Implementation of all systems based on RFID product tracking, warehouses mechanized positioning, controlling entry And exit of personnel, security systems ….