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Caller ID TK-300 Series - Bluetooth

Brand: T-Line  Type: Caller ID
A new product
The first wireless caller ID monitoring device
By transferring data via Bluetooth communication platform, choose baud rate, freely, put your device wherever you like and it will be easier to connect more devices to a computer.
  • Plug and play.
  • With a beautiful design and light weight body. The body material is glossy ABS with wall mounting capability.
  • All telephone lines monitoring concurrently.
  • Transferring caller ID to a computer and consequently the target application.
  • Supporting both DTMF and FSK standards.
  • Compatible with all telephone lines in our territory.
  • 1 power adapter jack and 2 dedicated telephone line ports for each line that one is for connecting the line and the other one is for the phone.
  • It has a separate power supply with power consumption of less than 400 mW.
  • Communication with the computer wirelessly via Bluetooth and within the app via virtual serial port.
  • Ability to connect multiple wireless devices to a computer.
  • Automatic baud rate detection and no need to set it on caller ID monitoring device.
  • Compatible with Bluetooth version 2 and higher.
Model TK-300
Number of lines 4
Caller ID Standards Support DTMF, FSK (Bell 202 & V.23)
Driver Plug & Play
Dimensions 160 * 100 * 30 mm (L x W x H)
Power Supply 9V, 300 mA